Delizius Deluxe


We accept the return of a product within 15 days from the date of delivery and in the following cases:

  • If the package is intact and in its original packaging.

  • For products other than food and there is a factory defect. Both packing, and manuals and all attachments must be in perfect condition. Delizius Deluxe reserves the right to replace it with a new one.

  • For hams, shoulders and sausages, if defective, and when customer has not eaten more than 15%., that is part of the refund shall weigh at least 85% of the original weight.

How to know that hams, shoulders or sausages are defective?

a) Smell or taste

If the smell is good, but the taste is bad, be sure to have followed the instructions in court that we include with each piece. In the case of hams and shoulders, it is important to remove well the outer fat and skin (yellowish), since this area may have a bitter or rancid taste.

If still the piece clearly smells bad or has bad taste, we will admit the return.

b) Amount of fat

We do not accept returns for excess of fat.

Normally a shoulder has about 40% profit of the original weight, and a ham, 50%. IE: 60% of the weight of a shoulder (50% in a ham) corresponds to the bone and hoof, outer crust and excess of fat (fat not edible). It is important that the slices have a part of fat (1 cm. approx.), since this provides much of the flavour.

In case of requesting the return must send us photographs of the incidence, to value it and avoid possible unnecessary transportation costs.

Who pays for the return shipping costs?

If it is a defective product and we are within 15 days from the delivery, Delizius Deluxe cover transport costs. If the product is not defective, in case of forwarding the customer must pay the shipping costs of roundtrip.

How is a refund procedure done?

  1. Send an email to indicating the maximum possible information as: description of the problem, photographs, proof of purchase, etc.

  2. Our Customer Dept. will study it and will reply your email with the rest of the procedures to follow.

  3. Delizius will pick up the defective part through an agency of transports. They should ensure is well packaged, to minimize potential problems with shipping.

  4. Once we receive the defective part we will contact with you to:

  • Refund the amount corresponding to the defective part provided that it is intact and with the original packaging. Shipping costs are not refundable.

  • Replace you the item with a new one, Delizius Deluxe assume shipping costs.