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Serrano Ham

135,00 €

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Buy Serrano Ham at the best price. Serrano ham is the result of a long-standing tradition. Over the centuries, serrano ham has always been produced keeping this ham tradition unchanged.

Serrano ham, just like Iberian Jabugo ham, is an internationally prestigious product. Serrano ham is highly appreciated by gourmets and delicatessen experts all around the world. The ancestral ritual of producing serrano ham is one of the differentiating elements that make this ham unique and different from the other hams on the market. Our hams are low in salt. The approximate curing time ranges from 12 to 15 months.

You can buy this delicious serrano ham with or without a set of sausages.

The set of sausages (Optional) includes:

  • 1 Iberian chorizo sausage       250g
  • 1 Iberian spiced sausage        250g
  • 1 Iberian soft spicy sausage   250g
  • 1 Iberian blood sausage         250g

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