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Elegance Ham Holder

23,10 €

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Buy Elegance Ham Holder at the best price. This amazing ham holder is designed to make slicing ham easy and convenient. The Ham Holder is a must for ham professionals and ham lovers. The ham holder is V-shaped and holds your ham at the top and at the bottom. The ham holder has two holding screws to attach and centre the ham in a comfortable, quick and secure way.


  • Perfect fastening
  • Easy to assemble
  • Excellent quality

Slicing suggestions
Before starting, clean the external crust. You need to calculate approximately how much ham you want to cut so that the rest of the ham isn't exposed to air. Start by making a sharp perpendicular cut. Now make parallel cuts leaving a flat surface. The slices must be extremely thin and it is recommended to put them on a plate with just one layer of ham in order to prevent the slices from sticking to one another. The meat near the bones, which can't be sliced, is an excellent complement for a wide range of dishes or to eat it in dices.

When you finish one side of the ham, turn it around and start with the other side. Bon appétit!