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Set of Ham + Sausages + Elegance Ham Holder + Knife

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110,50 €

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Buy Set of Ham + Sausages + Elegance Ham Holder + Knife at wholesale price. This amazing set is a great gift idea or an excellent choice for you to enjoy some delicious ham and sausages in a professional way.

The set includes:

Jabugo ham to choose from the broad range of weights shown in the selection bar.

1 kg of Iberian sausages including:

  • 1 Iberian chorizo sausage 250g
  • 1 Iberian spiced sausage 250g
  • 1 Iberian soft spicy sausage 250g
  • 1 Iberian blood sausage 250g

Elegance ham holder made of top-quality wood to provide the best fastening and cutting position.


  • Easy assembly
  • Excellent fastening
  • Good quality

It includes a ham knife for you to cut your ham or shoulder ham in thin slices. 

** 'Pata Negra' designation valid for all hams and shoulder hams, except serrano ham.