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Delizius Deluxe is present in the best restaurants and gourmet shops in many countries, mainly in Europe. If you think that you could distribute our products, please fill in the following form.

Delizius Deluxe is committed to new technology. Our products can be purchased using many online distributors and on the new social shopping sites. We offer our distributors a whole range of services


Dropshipping/Anonymous shipping

Delzius Deluxe stores the stock and takes care of the whole logistic process with anonymous shipping in order to hide the sender’s identity. This is the best option for starting up a business with the smallest investment.

Stock blocking for launching promotions

We give you the fantastic option of blocking stock so that you can launch any promotion without any added stress. You do not even need to buy the stock: once your campaign is over, you make your order with the quantity that you have sold.

Redeeming coupons

We offer personalised solutions to distributors that require their clients to redeem coupons on our website.

Delizius Deluxe


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